The Role Of Medical Transcription Services In Speech Recognition Transcription

Healthcare services have always been dynamic, responding to demands of the end user to come up with new healthcare solutions, new medications, therapies, procedures etc. The healthcare sector depends on inputs from various sources to keep up with the demands made on them by patients, statutory regulations and the need to keep a healthy bottom line.

One input that has always helped the healthcare sector meet the varied and sometimes contradictory demands placed on them is information from patient records. Documenting the process of care provided to the patient is important because it serves numerous purposes including:

  • Providing the basis of continued care
  • Foundation for making decisions regarding care like referring to specialists, changing method of treatment etc
  • Provide a chronicle of events leading from inputs from the patients, Imedical Healthcare Solutions diagnosis and the treatment procedure
  • Keeps a record of the patients’ response in case of experimental medication or therapy
  • Providing the basis of coding and billing leading to reimbursements
  • Helping in risk management
  • Helping in communication with statutory authorities


Medical transcription is one of the most popular and preferred method of documenting of the patient- healthcare professional encounter. As it is a specialized skill requiring inputs in the form of the right team, the right technology and the right process to produce medical records that are accurate, timely and secure, outsourcing this process has been found to be an effective solution. Outsourcing additionally has the benefit of being cost-effective as outsourcing curbs indirect costs and reduces direct costs by more than 40%.

As technology has evolved, there have been improvements in the way this service works. One of the innovations in medical transcription services is the role played by medical transcription in improving the output provided by speech recognition software.

How does speech recognition software work?

Basically speech recognition software converts the dictation of the healthcare professional into text format. In theory this seems to be an ideal solution for the documentation needs of healthcare professionals, especially as regards to turnaround time. The limitations of transcripts produced by this software include:

  • Extensive training of the software to the nuances of the dictation style of the healthcare professional
  • Change in the style of dictation of the healthcare professional resulting in loss of productivity
  • Accuracy levels ranging between 60% – 80%
  • Extensive editing and proof reading by the healthcare professional to bring the accuracy of the transcript to acceptable levels resulting in loss of productivity.


How do outsourced medical transcription services aid in speech recognition software transcription?

Outsourced service providers aid in the process of speech recognition software transcription by providing editing and proof reading services for the transcripts produced by speech recognition software to bring the accuracy levels to acceptable and usable levels. This enables the healthcare professionals to concentrate on their core activity of providing care.


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